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Soul Sauces at the Village - Learning

So we decided to exhibit at a village trade show... in Dulwich on Saturday. It was cold and the wind came streaming through the hall because both set of doors were widely open.  What is the first thing I learned... simple.. Dress in warm.. warm clothing. 

Arrived on time and started to set up.. meeting new people.  It was a real pleasure to be in the presence of so many start up or new   ventures ranging from sale of olives and salads, candles, jewelry, bags, holistic health and well being, and handbags.  It was a treat and I truly enjoyed it.
Second thing I learned is that we need to obtain a banner.. yep a proper banner to cover the table..looking at the displays of the other companies. Experience they have all been using market stall, village fairs and other local events to promote and sell their products.  It was our first and we learned.
A Third thing is that people prefer taking a small A5 leaflet with information rather than a A4 sheet of paper..they just shy away from taking the larger information sheet.  So, we learned that we shall have to create a smaller leaftlet containing the details.
The Fourth Thing learned...need to raise the level of the that they are at eye that tip from one of the other company that was at the fair.  
So looking forward to the onward journey of Soul Sauces... bringing our hot chilli sauces to the public.  Well that section of the public that likes chillies.  Are happy to state that our sauces are absolutely wonderful - they are full of flavour, easy to carry and a joy to eat with your meal or a sandwich.
Soul Sauce Soul Food Soul Good


Soul Sauce Soul Food.. Soul Good.. Soul Bazaar

When is the last time you went to a church bazaar? 

Over the last three years I have been attending my local church's annual Bazaar... and it is wonderful..its a relaxed engaging and enjoyable way to spend a few hours.   
Many of those who attended and supported are not regular church goers.. however the feeling of being part of community.. the old.. the young.. it is something to be enjoyed and I would firmly recommend that you support your local bazaars.
You should have seen the variety of cakes... yum yum....bric bracs and books, shoes, hats, pickles, chutneys and Jams.. jams galore...
Support your local community.  


So are you watching the Cricket...???


So is it Golden Revival time for our cricket team? Did you see the sweltering heat that they played in...well hats off to Cook, Panesar and Pietersen..well played gentlemen.  However whilst they are enjoying winning in the heat, we do not have such luxury - no hot  - no heat for us.. just more wind rain and cold. 
Sorry to see so many people losing their belongings and having their home destroyed again by flooding.  It is clear that some of the new flood defense systems failed miserably. So again the government is going to investigate and report.. however for those poor people and the increased cost; because as you know their insurance premiums are going up again... as if it ever goes down?
So are you preparing for Christmas already?  As an excellent present why not purchase some of our Trinity packs of our hot full flavoured chilli sauces.
Soul Sauce Soul Food Soul Good.


Interesting People Today

So spent the day on the road again.. made some new friends and met some very interesting people... very strong beliefs about chili.. sourcing using and definition.

I mean I like Chili or Chilli ( however you spell it) but to have a full blown discussion .. and I mean seriously full blown..heat.. it was hot...about chilies its uses and what constitute a chilli.. well it was new for me.
However it was a pleasure meeting people with such passion for their craft... me well I just like chilli.
I know the ones I like and I know the ones I avoid.
It was also good the feedback and comments provided regarding our Soul Sauces range of hot chilli sauces. Comments ranging from great to fantastic..the lack of the vinegar taste was remarked on often.
Yes it was an interesting day.
Soul Sauces Soul Food Soul Good.


Travelling with Soul SaucesChilli

There are such a wide variety of shops where good quality products are available to the general public.  It is truly great to see a shop that provides the right environment, products and staff...Holwood Farm..a very enjoyable experience.

Then went to La Gastronomia in Dulwich... very friendly and helpful staff with a very nice range of products - would recommend a visit.
Today was the start of us being on the road with Soul Sauces and it was very well received.  
Well the journey has begun.. lets see what tomorrow brings... Soul Sauce Soul Food Soul Good



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